Alimak elevators providing access to chimneys

Abu Qir Power Plant, Alexandria, Egypt

A pair of Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed to provide vertical access to two chimneys at the 1300 MW Abu Qir thermal power plant, outside Alexandria in Egypt.

The Abu Qir Power Plant project is a Thermal, dual fuel fired (natural gas and mazout), power plant with a production capacity of 1300 Megawatt located on the Mediterranean coast 25 km west of Alexandria City.

The project includes two chimneys 152 meters in height, on which Alimak Hek’s local dealer International Development Programmes (IDP), have installed two permanent ALIMAK SE 450 industrial elevators. The elevators are primarily used to transport people to the service platforms for servicing the equipment installed on the chimneys. The elevators are also used for taking samples of the emissions from the top level of the chimneys for analysis, and compliance with environmental regulations. They are also used for the service of lighting equipment and exchange of lights on the chimneys top levels, to ensure agreement with aviation authority requirements.

The contractor is Orascom Construction Industries, the largest private sector contracting company in Egypt, with more than 53,000 employees in 23 countries.

Elevators suited for industrial environments

Alimak Hek has considerable experience with installations within the power industry. Alimak elevators can be found on chimneys, silos, boilers, scrubbers, absorbers, precipitators and more, worldwide.

Ideally suited for operation in even the most extreme environments, the durable nature of the Alimak SE range of elevators has made it the perfect access solution for the most demanding conditions. From the freezing and exposed conditions of the Antarctic and Iceland, to the extreme heat of the Australian desert, Alimak elevators are built to last in world’s toughest environments.

Elevator details 

Abu Qir, Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt
Elevator type
Rack & Pinion
Elevator model
No. of elevators
450 kg (5 persons)
Elevator car size
0.78 m 1.04 m 2.17 m (W x L x H)
1.0 m/s
Lifting height
144 m
No. of landings
Alimak elevators providing access to chimneys